Speak to us today about helping you find permanent or contract work around the world to suit you as an individual and your skill-set.

Helping you find work around the world

We work with some of the largest contractors in the world to help find the right person for the right job in the right industry.

Wind Energy
From wind turbines in the countryside to to large wind farms out in the middle of the sea, our clients are always looking for contractors to work on their sites.

We have a steady stream of enquiries each day for rope access technicians to help work on repairing & demolishing factories around the world.

Oil & Gas
You could work in some of the most exotic countries in the world by taking contracts on some of the oil & gas contractors we have, from the Sahara Desert to the Bahamas.

Long & short term contracts from the construction industry are plenty and consist of building, repairing and demolishing buildings around the world.

We also help find the right people who are qualified to paint on high-rise buildings.

High Rise Maintenance
If it’s low key or short term contracts you prefer, we help local businesses cater for their high rise maintenance requirements, like window cleaning.

Our Experience,
Skills & Contacts.
Your Career.

Speak to us today about any work you would like to take on and we will scout the globe for any contractors in the market for your skills, either right now or in future projects.

If you would like us to keep your details on record, we will keep in touch with any immediate contracts we are made aware of and will contact you directly if we think you suit the job.


Get in touch

Speak to a member of our team today and we will keep in touch with any new projects we are asked to help with.

CV on file
We will keep your CV on file and use it as reference to help find you the most suitable work.

Contract Searching
As we get to know you and your skill-set, we will make sure you are notified of any contracts that are looking for positions to be filled.